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Internationalization and localisation


On the current and future possibilities offered by the REST API in Jetpack and future WordPress versions for theme and plugin developers.

Doing Business with WordPress (in Finnish)

Content Marketing for Geeks

Lightning Talks 1

WordPress Speed Optimisation, Aki Björklund
Focusing on what one can do for a typical WordPress installation to get a good score at Google PageSpeed Insights tool. And why that is important.

Modular content management with ACF Flexible Content, Natanael Sinisalo
Breaking out of the traditional layout with Advanced Custom Fields Flexible Content.

Why you should publish a plugin, Otto Kekäläinen
How the open source community works and what benefits there are from a single developer and from a company perspective in publishing plugins at

WordPress vs. EPiServer and Drupal, Perttu Tolvanen
In larger web projects, WordPress typically goes against bigger CMSs like EPiServer and Drupal. This presentation offers an analyst perspective in how these systems differ from client organisation’s point of view. Key areas analyzed are major functional differences, differences in ecosystem and differences in partner market.

Lightning Talks 2

Creating a HTML Presentation using Reveal.js framework and Advanced Custom Fields, Jussi Tuoma (in Finnish)

DustPress, Miika Arponen
A glimpse on an upcoming plugin that brings the advantages of Dust.js templating, MVVM pattern and a pinch of isomorphic design into WordPress development.

WordPress from a Media Company Perspective (in Finnish)

WordPress Security

What can be done to avoid the usual issues on server-side and on the client side, what makes your server installation safe and how it affects WordPress. What is included in WordPress to avoid possible threats and what can be done to improve security.