Lightning Talks at WordCamp Finland, Part 1

In addition to six amazing full-length talks, at WordCamp Finland we will have another six bite-size lightning talks. In this post we’ll introduce the first three of these speakers.

Aki Björklund is a mostly self-taught web generalist. He has been developing websites since 2000. After 10 years of developing custom CMS’s with Microsoft technologies for media companies, among other things, he had enough and switched to 100% WordPress. Aki is a founder and the CEO of H1, a Finnish WordPress agency. His talk will focus on a few simple things you can do to improve the speed and Google PageSpeed score of a typical WordPress site.

Natanael Sinisalo has been working with WordPress for over six years. He’s currently working as a CTO/partner at a fast-growing digital agency called MEOM Oy where he makes WordPress even more comfy for clients and employees. In WordCamp Finland Natanael is going to give a flash talk about modular content management with Advanced Custom Fields.

Otto Kekäläinen is the CEO of Seravo, a Finnish company that provides support services for companies that use Linux and other open source software, e.g. WordPress. Otto has 15+ years of experience in using, developing and advocating open source software. He also serves as the CEO of the MariaDB Foundation, as the president of the Finnish Unix User Group Foundation and is also active in many other free and open source software promoting organisations. Otto used WordPress for the first time in 2004, but really got into it in the past 2 years. His talk at WordCamp Finland Otto will explain how the open source community works and what benefits there are from a single developer and from a company perspective in publishing plugins at