Lightning Talks at WordCamp Finland, part 2

It’s now 4 weeks till WCFI and the excitement is building up, at least with us organisers. As of this writing there are under 10 tickets left, so get yours quick before they run out!

This post introduces our last group of speakers. See the full list here. A detailed schedule will be announced in the coming days, keep an eye on the Schedule page.

Perttu Tolvanen is a CMS expert that helps clients choose partners and technologies for their Web and eCommerce projects. His daily work involves writing RFPs, analyzing proposals, meeting vendors and facilitating workshops. Most typical cases for him are large web projects where client organisations are renewing their web presence from websites to eCommerce. In his flash talk Perttu will be analyzing the differences between WordPress and other CMS’s like EPiServer and Drupal from a client perspective.
Jussi Tuoma is a self-taught web and WordPress enthusiast who’s been developing and learning web since 2007. He is currently a WordPress developer and a partner in a digital agency called Höyry. At WordCamp Finland Jussi will give a lightning talk about creating a HTML Presentation using the Reveal.js framework and Advanced Custom Fields.
Miika Arponen is a web developer from Tampere with about a decade of experience in web developing. He has been developing WordPress sites for Geniem ( for two years. Miika’s flash talk at the event gives a glimpse on Geniem’s upcoming DustPress plugin that brings the advantages of Dust.js templating, MVVM pattern and a pinch of isomorphic design into WordPress development.