Workshop location

The Saturday workshops are held at Hub Tampere in Finlaysoninkuja 21 A on the 2nd floor. Register here.

From Satakunnankatu, enter the gate to the Finlayson area. Proceed to the end of Itäinenkatu and take a right. Keep going until you see a Rovio sign next to a door with the WordCamp Finland banner stuck to it.

Meet us there at¬†10.45 on Saturday! If you’re coming later, just go¬†to the second floor and ring the doorbell.

If you get lost, call Daniel 045 6336124 or Antti 050 4305025.


Finding the WCFI Venue

If you’re looking for instructions on how to get to Tampere, read this post first.

WordCamp Finland 2015 will be held at the Hullu Poro Restaurant in the heart of central Tampere.

Hullu Poro Restaurant

Koskikeskus Shopping Centre
Hatanpään Valtatie 1, 2nd floor
Tampere, Finland


The main entrance and the registration is located on the ground floor of the Koskikeskus shopping centre, on the riverbank side. Look for the WordCamp signs and shirts!

Registration opens at 8:00 am.

Directions from the Railway Station

WordCamp Finland is just an 8-minute walk away from the Tampere Railway Station.

  1. Head south on Rautatienkatu toward Verkatehtaankatu
  2. Turn right onto Otavalankatu
  3. Cross Hatanpään valtatie and enter the Koskikeskus shopping centre
  4. Head to the riverbank side of the shopping centre, registration is on the first floor (see the map above)

Attendees from the Helsinki metropolitan area: Should you wish to participate in the first talks of the day and have time to register, it’s recommended you take the 6:30 train, which arrives 8:00 at the Tampere station.

Attendees from Jyväskylä: To be in good time, take the 6:22 train.

Attendees from Turku:¬†The first train is at 7:00. You’ll have to run for it.

Finding your way inside Koskikeskus

There’s an app for that! Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the official Koskikeskus application links can be found here. In addition of giving you directions at the shopping centre, there’s useful stuff in case you want to take a stroll around the shopping centre (but why’d you want to do that!).